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SEAT needs help now. Please approach your local group and get involved: Tullysaran, plone 07802572441; Derrynoose, phone helpline. There is no word on planning application but NIE say it is supposed to be applied for this summer so keep watching....... And the key thing we need is at least one letter of objection from every household, see home page for examples.

Local primary schools have their pylon protest posters on display in the Trian this week (11/08/09). All welcome to view it!

20090926:ArmaghArmagh Golf, £150 per team.Includes golf, dinner & prizes galore! Contact 07711597775 for details.

20090910:Benburb Public Meeting: A public meeting will be held in the Presbyterian Church Hall in Benburb on 10th September at 8.00pm. All concerned residents in the area are welcome. This meeting will represent Blackwatertown, Benburb, Tullysaran and the Benburb Road area. The agenda for this meeting will be how best to protect these communities from this monster powerline and how to campaign effectively against this threat to our homes, health and livelihoods. All are welcome. Contact the SEAT helpline for details 07549171023.

20090827:Details of Limited Company announced.(click here)

20090827:Mayor launches SEAT fundraising drive.(click here) SEAT Action Group

20090827:Armagh Mayor's Fundraising supper for SEAT - raises £1260.

20090824: Moy Public Meeting: A public meeting for concerned local residents who are living along the proposed route of this super-strength power line in the Moy, Killyman and Dungannon Road area will be held in Moy Methodist Hall on 24th August at 7.30 pm. The agenda for this meeting will be how concerned households in the area can best protect themselves and campaign effectively against the highly dangerous powerline and substation planned for the area. Contact the SEAT helpline for details 07549171023.

20090812:SEAT meets with Regulator. For details (c

20090811:Barn Owls. If Barn Owls are nesting in the vicinity of the proposed line, this will have major implications. The RSPB (click here) are aware of the situation and are keen to hear of any sitings. Anyone spotting a barn owl should contact us immediately on 07549171023. We have already had reports on birds from The Agory and Tobermason. Indeed spottings of any interesting wildlife should be reported to us - particulary bats and corncrakes. Likely candidates can be found here.

20090811:Mayor of Armagh confirms his opposition to pylons: read here.

SEAT Action Group

20090804:We will have raffle tickets for sale soon - #5 a ticket and the first prize is a 10 day holiday to New York worth #5000. (Or #5000 if you don't want the holiday!)

20090804: The meeting with Bob Mulligan - Mayor of Dungannon went well -the council fully supports our campaign and they hope to attend the upcoming meetings.

SEAT Action Group

9th of June 2009:Letter from Ian Osborne to Cathal Boylan and comparison of technical reports. read here.

5th of June 2009:Funding Delays for Welsh Interconnector. read here.

30th April 2009:Jim Allister in support of undergrounding. read here.

21st April 2009:MEPs support undergrounding. read here.

15th April 2009:Jim Nicholson MEP meets campaigners for Safe Electricity in South Tyrone read here.

8th April 2009:The North East Pylon Pressure campaign (NEPP) spent two full days last week in technical discussions with EirGrid. read here.

7th April 2009:"Underground makes sense" - NEPP read here.

6th April 2009:Undergrounding is cheaper, safer and more reliable. Undergrounding NOT ruled out. read here.

2nd April 2009:"Underground is cheaper, safer and more reliable" - Anti-pylon campaigners brief Stormont Environment Committee read here.

Northern Ireland Assembly: Environment Committee, Thursday, 2nd April 2008. North/South Interconnector, Submission by the North East Pylon Pressure campaign (NEPP) read here.

9th March 2009:SEAT and NEPP reject PB Power the findings of consultants on electrical transmission. read here.


Other News

Lifeline for families under threat by N.I.E. North-South Inter-Connector - April 15th 2008: More than 80 land owners in Armagh and Tyrone have signed a document to oppose the erection of an overhead electricity inter-connector on their properties and here.

Electricity Interconectors Not the Answer By Andy Wilson (October 2007) This article was in Vol 2 of Sustainability Magazine Winter 2007/8.
To view the updated (May 2008) article, click here. - 24th April 2007: Power lines in new link to childhood leukaemia; By Roger Highfield, Science here.

BMJ - 4th June 2005: Childhood cancer in relation to distance from high voltage power lines in England and Wales; a case-control here.

ICF International - 28th February 2003: Overview of the Potential for Undergrounding the Electricity Networks in here. - 28th November 1999: Fresh Evidence Found of Cancer Risk Near Pylons; Jonathan Leake and Chris here.

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